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Founder of Company

Shri Mul Chand Malu

"Small Beginnings Always Cover Long Distances & Make Identical Marks"

He is here to accomplish incredibleness in business, for him magnificence just comes through persistent practice thereby leading to the highest standards.

Mr. Malu’s Journey was not easy; He battled a ton for his point and needed to confront many obstacles, he got the opportunity to meet less of reliable individuals and a greater amount of clever individuals. However, he immovably kept by confidence in his mind that “nothing awful can occur with you, when you are good with others with no selfishness. What’s more, almighty showered his blessings on him and he started a firm in name of “Kuber Khaini” in the year 1987,from Sardarsehar Rajasthan.

He met various people along this way of life, many came and left, however, there are a few people, who are his strength and they are still with him and will remain so.

Amid this expansion procedure, He never lost his way of serving the Society in light of the fact that being a representative serving the general public is his prime obligation. He had constantly attempted to serve the general public with best of his endeavours and wanting to proceed with the same with god-like’s gifts.

He was a strong organizer, motivator, team player and a decisive leader with successful track record in directing from original concept through implementation to handle diverse market dynamics.

He Always Says :

"Be Kind, Believe in yourself & Do your Best with full of passion"

As we Kuber Family will not just follow your Dream but your heart.